Commercial installations

There is much to consider when it comes to communal installations. The right system adds value and appeal to any property, the wrong systems makes for years of frustration arguments and unnecessary expense. While most installers will claim to be able to install a commercial/communal system effectively, the truth is that only installers with years of experience know what it takes to design and install the perfectly balanced system .

Whether you require a conventional system or the latest in fibre optic technology, we at HD Systems will sit down, and customise the right solution for you.


Through our experience in the communal and commercial environments we have often found that many clients don’t have the funds/budget available to purchase a new system out right. Due to rapidly changing technology and restrictive budgets, we have identified the need for an alternative solution. We have therefore established a strategic partnership with one the longest standing and most established rental finance service providers in the country, thereby giving you the ability to own a reliable yet affordable system.

Benefits of leasing
• Improved cash flow
• Lease payments are listed as operating expenses, thus no liabilities are reflected on balance sheet.
• All lease payments are tax deductible
• Vat is payable monthly and can be claimed monthly.
• Lease periods can be aligned to warranty periods.
• No impact on your current credit facilities

Products we offer lease agreements on the following products.
• Communal DSTV systems
• CCTV systems
• Hotel Systems
• Networking and Server rooms
• Special projects

Communal maintenance & Support

So you have made the mistake of trusting the wrong installer with your communal/commercial installation, or you are not getting the service you expect from your current company. All is not lost, give us a call, we will come out and do a assessment and report of your current system. We also understand that coming home after a hard day and relaxing in front of the TV is important to you, we therefore always endeavour to carry enough system spares for all our regular clients thereby minimising any down time which may be experienced. We at HDS will provide you with a prompt, honest and professional service, to suit your needs and budgets.

Communal Satellite

Communal satellite installations involve distributing, signal from a single dish or aerial system to multiple units. The chief benefit of this, is that it eliminates the need for each unit to install its own system, thereby defacing, what is likely to be you most valuable asset.

Technology in this field is moving at a rapid pace. We at HDS are always keeping abreast of the latest developments both locally and abroad, we are therefore able to provide the most forwardly compatible designs and solutions currently available in the market, insuring your expensive communal system does not become redundant before its time.

TV signal Distribution

Distribution of signal involves sending signal to multiple TV’s at the same time, such as you would find in hospitals, hotels or guest houses. We at HD Systems have spent years designing and installing large and small TV distribution systems. We pride ourselves on making the client happy which we do by correctly and professionally installing high quality materials and equipment.

Fibre Optic Solutions

Fibre optics signal distribution has been dubbed by many as the most significant development in the industry, since the introduction of the satellite dish. We at HDS have made it our goal to stay at the forefront of this cutting edge technology.

Fibre optics allows you effectively distribute multiple signals for distances up to 10km feeding more than 5000 units with negligible losses. Fibre cables are also able to lay in water underground conduits for many years without water ingress, and du to the lack of copper are far more resilient to lighting and power surges.

If it is the latest, most future proof cutting edge solution you are looking for then contact is to design the right fibre optic system for you.

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